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Norethindrone is a mini pill you take daily, without a break, to prevent pregnancy. It’s a generic medication and may be cheaper than other mini pills.

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What is Norethindrone?

Norethindrone is a type of birth control pill called a “mini pill,” because it contains only one of the two hormones usually found in birth control. You’ll also see it called a “progestin-only pill,” or “POP” for short.

Because Norethindrone isn’t a “name brand,” it’s super cheap. (And isn’t any less effective compared to other mini pills.)

Norethindrone dosages can change depending on why you’re taking it. As a daily pill to prevent pregnancy, the dosage is 0.35mg. A higher dosage of norethindrone can be used to treat endometriosis.

Because Norethindrone doesn’t contain estrogen, you can take Norethindrone (and other progestin-only pills) while breastfeeding.

How does Norethindrone birth control work?

Norethindrone pills help prevent pregnancy in several ways. By making the mucus in your cervix thicker, so it’s hard for sperm to get through. By changing the lining of your uterus so a fertilized egg won’t attach. And by stopping ovulation (though this doesn’t happen 100% of the time).

The norethindrone mini pill won’t protect you from STIs, so get tested often and use condoms with new partners.

Is Norethindrone a generic pill?

Yes. Norethindrone is the name of the active ingredient, and when sold under this name is the generic form of the medication. It’s made by Mylan, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of generic medications.

Why pick a generic pill? Well, they’re usually cheaper than brand-name medications but are regulated by the FDA, so you know you’re getting the same active ingredients in the same amounts.

Other names for Norethindrone in the US include Nor-Qd, Nora-BE, Camila, Deblitane, Heather, Norlyda, Norlyroc, Tulana, Incassia, Jencycla, Jolivette, Lyza, Errin, Ortho Micronor, and Sharobel.

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How does Norethindrone work?

Take Norethindrone daily, at the same time of day. Like other progestin-only pills, Norethindrone does several different things to prevent pregnancy. It can stop ovulation in some women but this doesn’t happen 100% of the time, so the other ways are important too. Norethindrone makes the mucus in your cervix thicker, so it’s difficult for sperm to get through and fertilize an egg. Then, just in case, it also changes the lining of your uterus so that a fertilized egg can’t attach.

What is norethindrone acetate?

What dosage are Norethindrone pills?

How effective is Norethindrone?

What else is Norethindrone used for?

Can Norethindrone help with acne?

Can you get Norethindrone over the counter?

Can I buy Norethindrone online?

How to take Norethindrone 0.35mg

A normal dose of norethindrone for daily birth control is 0.35mg (milligrams) or 35mcg (micrograms). You might see it written either way depending on the packaging of your medication.

Take your Norethindrone mini pill daily.

Most importantly, take it within the same three-hour window. The time you pick is up to you, but lunchtime is a good bet — you’ll want something that works for both weekdays and weekends.

Unlike combined pills, which can come with several days or a week of hormone-free placebo (or iron) pills, every pill in your Norethindrone pack has hormones. This means that when you finish one pack, you’ll start a new one the following day. With an EveAdam subscription, you’ll get your birth control delivered on a schedule you choose, so you don’t have to worry about running out.

What if I miss a Norethindrone pill?

What happens if I stop taking Norethindrone?

What happens with my period when taking Norethindrone?

Can I take Norethindrone while breastfeeding?

What other pills contain norethindrone?

Norethindrone is a generic birth control pill, so there are several brand-name versions of it available in the US. These have the same amount of norethindrone and work in the same way.

In the UK and other parts of the world, norethindrone is known as norethisterone.

Norethindrone is also used with an estrogen to make combined pills. Estrostep is the brand name of a birth control pill containing norethindrone and ethinyl estradiol.

Norethindrone acetate, a prodrug of norethindrone, is also used in combined pills (norethindrone acetate and ethinyl estradiol is a popular combo).

Can you get other brands of Norethindrone?

Is Deblitane the same as Norethindrone?

What’s the difference between Norethindrone and Estrostep?

What are the most common norethindrone side effects?

The most common norethindrone side effects are irregular vaginal bleeding or spotting. This usually goes away after a few months, and then you’ll have shorter, lighter, and more regular periods. Some women find that they stop having a period when taking the mini pill. (Bonus!)


Other side effects include breast tenderness, upset stomach, weight changes, difficulty falling or staying asleep, acne, and hair growth. Tell your doctor if you have concerns about specific side effects.

When should I talk to a doctor about side effects?

Does Norethindrone cause weight gain?


Always read the package insert before taking a new medication. You can also find additional information about Norethindrone at the link below.

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What should I know before taking Norethindrone?

While all hormonal birth control pills carry some warnings, Norethindrone is safe to use for most women. Start your consultation today to see if we recommend Norethindrone for you.

Remember, the Norethindrone mini pill does not protect against HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

  • Are pregnant or think you might be pregnant
  • Have had or think you might have breast cancer
  • Experience abnormal genital bleeding
  • Have liver tumors (benign or malignant) or acute liver disease
  • Are sensitive to one of the ingredients

Norethindrone interactions with other medications


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