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So we’ve been busy, seeking out the top talent in online health, to help us give you the safest and most personable service possible.

Medical team Eveadam

The independent doctors we work with are all based in the US and hold state licenses to practice.

The team at GoGoMeds, our preferred pharmacy, are seasoned experts in handling prescriptions, and delivering to patients efficiently.

Dr Bruce Oran
Dr Bruce Oran

Senior Medical Adviser

Bruce is one of the lead doctors providing prescribing services for EveAdam. He also works with EveAdam in a consultation capacity, advising us on our processes.
Mr Craig Marsh
Mr Craig Marsh

Pharmacist Prescriber

Craig Marsh is a prescribing pharmacist for EveAdam UK. He doesn't prescribe for our USA service but you'll see him as an author and reviewer on some health articles.